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"Adam & Eve"      acrylic painting by collaborative artists Ira and Corliss Lesser         1995      72in x 76in   183cm x 193cm          

"Adam and Eve
July, 1995

Ira:     In this painting the headless limbless body of a man, and the bodiless head of a woman pose the question, what is man without woman and woman without man? Societaly and individually, in one way or another we are all grappling with the evolving gender issues of our times.  We need each other that is certain, everything else seems to be up for grabs.


Corliss:     "Working together has been a spiritual discipline.  We are as different as we are alike.  Ira works fast and free I am deliberate and tenacious.  It has always made Ira very uncomfortable to discuss a painting, so our style has developed without discussion.  We bring our separate thoughts to a canvas adding and subtracting components until we both agree upon the elements, in this way our thoughts do not become homogenized.  Our painting together is not our primary relationship, we are lovers first, and it is in our personal relationship that we built our communication."


Commentary from exhibition at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California.