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"Evolution of the Species"     acrylic painting by collaborative artists Ira and Corliss Lesser      1992    40in x 48in    101cm x 122cm         

"Evolution Of The Species"

June, 1992

Ira:         Evolution or De-evolution that is the question?  Have we peaked out or will we survive?

     In this painting the giant head is the classical ideal.  The monkey is where we started out, roots, past, and genes. The man in the garbage bag is he our future?

     The endless cemetery celebrates military progress and its victories.


Corliss:        In 1980, we saw the figure in the upper left corner, a man sleeping in a garbage bag.  Homelessness was becoming an epidemic, old people who neither looked sick nor derelict were now sleeping in the streets.  This black bagged figure, our 'human garbage' represented for me, society's misplaced values, and the acceptance of less than the 'classical ideal'.


Commentary from exhibition at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California.