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Social / Political Paintings by collaborative artists Ira & Corliss Lesser

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political painting.jpg

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Photographic Prints

"And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth"     2006     68.5" x 78"

Bring Me Your Huddled#AD198.jpg
political painting

"Three Monkeys"    2001      26" x 66"    66cm x 168cm

political painting

"Dogs View of Human History"     2001

Money Talks1.jpg
social political painting.jpg

Collaborative art / Home

Search for the Truth 1.jpg

"Search for the Truth"     Mixed Media

30 Days into Hunta 1T.jpg
30 Days into Hunta1B.jpg
political painting

"Mourning"   2001    67" x 67"      127cm x 234cm

"Thirty Days into the Junta"    2001      50 in x 92 in

political painting
political painting

"Supreme Decision"     1992   30in x 35in     76cm x 85cm 

"Corruption"    1994  64in x 84in   162cm x 213cm

social political painting.jpg
social political painting.jpg
political painting.jpg

"Lab 101"     1994        56in x 74in   142cm x 188cm 

"Distress"  2004  56 in x 80 in

"Dead $ea"    1993    72in x 77in   183cm x 196cm 

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