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Collaborative paintings by artists  Ira and Corliss Lesser

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Artists' Statements

classical painting
contemporary painting

"Upside Down"  1999   20" x 46"    51cm x 117cm

"Roman Justice"      2000      48in x 64in      122cm x 163cm

classical painting
classical painting

"Classical Sadism"    2001    67" x 51"    170cm x 130cm

classical painting

"Que Hora Est?"    1998      67" x 7"    170cm x 180cm

political painting

"Evolution of the Species"   1992      40in x 48in   101cm x 122cm

collaborative painting

"Deathwatch"   1992      62in x 68in   157cm x 173cm

collaborative painting

"Adam & Eve"   1995     72in x 76in   183cm x 193cm

"Diuranally Yours"  1995      74in x 76in   188cm x 193cm

Collaborative art / home

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